An international retail brand pursuing for the expansion and enrichment of their CRM data via the Data Mining Platform to propel their goal towards data driven campaigns for awareness, consideration and ultimately, generating conversions in terms of sales in UAE.

Market Audience

UAE (2018 – 2019)


  • Linking of the encrypted emails (CRM) to MEmob+ DMP.
  • Collect, Analyze and Segment Retail’s Audience Data using Historical, Behavioral, Contextual, Time and Location Algorithms.
  • Activate Client’s Data on MEmob+ DMP and deliver Full Funnel Campaign Solutions on Awareness, Online Traffic, Consideration, and Conversion in terms of Leads, Online Sales, Downloads and/or footfall.
  • Build and enrich Client’s MEmob+ Audience Cloud and Unique Device ID Data Tank.


  • A new pool of UDIDs collected during the prospecting phase via Lookalike targeting users with similar demographics, psychographics, behavior and/or geographic data.
  • An 11% increase of app downloads occurred in parallel with the Leads Generation campaign
  • The UDIDs collected are retargeted during the performance phase for footfall and sales campaign. An uplift of 22% in footfall detected between October to December.
  • After a 6-Month Always on Campaign, 355 K UDIDs have been expanded to 1.2 M UDIDs saved, segmented, enriched in the Brand Data Tank stored in the MEmob+ DMP available for remarketing.