An international banking brand aiming to build their Data Tank via Always on Campaigns to propel their goal towards data driven campaigns for awareness, consideration and ultimately, generating conversions in terms of leads in KSA.

Market Audience

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2018 – 2019)


  • Collect, Analyze and Segment Bank’s Audience Data using Historical, Behavioral, Contextual, Time and Location Algorithms
  • Activate Client’s Data on MEmob+ DMP and deliver Full Funnel Campaign Solutions on Awareness, Online Traffic, Consideration, and Conversion in terms of Leads, Online Sales, Downloads and/or footfall.
  • Build and enrich the Client’s MEmob+ Audience Cloud and Unique Device ID Data Tank


  • A total of 433 Qualified Leads have been generated in 6 Months.
  • An 11% increase of app downloads occurred in parallel with the Leads Generation campaign
  • And with more than 5,300,000 M UDIDs collected from every campaign since August 2018 till January 2019 enriched with Demographic, Psychographic, Behavioral & Location data saved on the Brand’s Custom Audience Data Tank stored in MEmob+’s DMP to be retargeted, remarketed and monetized for future campaigns within a shelf life of 90 days